About Us

Our Mission

The 828 Digital Archives for Historical Equity aims to center the voices of historically excluded individuals in the region by working with community partners to design a repository of digitized historical documentary materials. We seek to create a collection that provides a foundation for a virtual history center that will make the region’s history more diverse and accessible to scholars, students, educators, and other public audiences. Our goal is to support research that incorporates interdisciplinary scholarship into innovative digital projects, thus weaving a more inclusive and accessible history of Western North Carolina.

Our Vision


Bring together an accomplished team of academics, students, educators, archivists, public historians, and community leaders to weave a more inclusive history of Asheville and environs.


Build partnerships with local archives, historic sites, museums to support efforts to assemble and disseminate a more complete history of WNC


Use the latest digital technologies to improve access to materials that tell the stories of the area’s historically-excluded peoples through our virtual history center.

Engaging Community

Foster relationships with community members through churches, neighborhood organizations and schools to widen the circle of citizen archivists and community historians who will help us to create knowledge about our region’s diverse history and culture.